We are Raw Politics and we are a political rating website, one & only of its kind. Our deep moto is to provide a platform to common people who are not well aware of the everyday political happenings in our country. People want to vote the political parties & their nominees but they don’t know exactly whom to vote and Why. And most of the times, this lack of awareness leads to unjust voting, electing the undeserving politicians and bringing unworthy parties in power. In this era of information, where everyone can get the knowhow of daily politics & its hidden agenda, still, unfortunately, the misinformation overpowers.

The above mentioned problems created the need followed up by the idea to develop this Website, where people can easily check the ratings and reviews about all the political leaders, provided both by public and Website itself. This idea as a whole can be understood as – RATE BEFORE YOU VOTE.

Talking about the website contents & features, we have created the profiles of each & every politician across the India (all MPs, MLAs & MLCs) and update the same from time to time. We provide Raw Ratings in which the website rates all the elected politicians out of 10, based upon their time to time performances in their respective constituencies or Ministries. In addition to that, there is a detailed review system under Raw Critics section for every profile. We also have a Public Ratings section in which all the users of the website can rate all the elected politicians on five different criteria which are mentioned below:-

  1. Upliftment in Education & Health
  2. Law & Order
  3. Economic & Administrative Development
  4. Religious & Communal Harmony
  5. Connectivity with people & grievance redressal

Users can also provide their feedback for the politicians under comment section. There is an Ask Question section for every profile under which a user can ask any question and anyone can answer that. Set favorites to any profile, email directly to them, link to their various social media platforms etc are some more salient features.

Regular articles on current topics are created under Trending Articles section. Top listings create some of the highest rankings on various topics at regular intervals. Weekly Polls are created to understand the public views on current affairs & to gather the survey reports. Additionally, Track the Leaders section ease/help to go directly to any elected politician’s profile through selecting their constituency.

Our smooth & user friendly home page provides brief space for every category / section mentioned above. Below to the slider bar, there is column for Top rated politician category which shows the top ranked / rated politicians amongst all. Then, there are Top Rated sections for MPs & MLAs/MLCs separately, under which top five profiles of politicians are shown rated both by Website & Public, which changes time to time.