Finally, Govt. may soon withdraw all 3 farms laws.

         इसे लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें:- आखिरकार, मोदी सरकार तीनों कृषि बिलों को वापस ले सकती है।

      By bringing the ordinances first and then getting it passed in both the houses of the Parliament, the Narendra Modi government has implemented three agricultural laws. But the government probably had no idea that these three bills would become like a trap. Protests in Delhi & surrounding areas and violent clashes on 26 January have shocked the government terribly.

      The largest democracy in the world – India.

      It was a matter of great regret that some protesters climbed into the Red Fort and put up their flags. At the same time, protesters were seen beating the police and vice versa in many places. These events reminded of the demonstration and clash at the White House in the United States a few days ago. However, both incidents are highly reprehensible as US is the oldest democratic country in the world and India is considered the largest democratic country in the world.

      These protests are being seen in another perspective. Some people are also looking at this by associating it with khalistan terrorism. It has also happened that posters of khalistan supporters have been shared in the demonstrations. However, this is not clear in the demands of the farmers and the government has also given any statement related to this.

      Farmers are clear – law be repealed.

      Amidst all this the government and farmers' negotiations failed, the case also reached the Supreme Court. But the first and last demand of the farmers has always been that the government should withdraw the three agricultural bills without any condition. The government had also agreed not to implement these bills for a year, but this was not accepted by the farmers. Every attempt by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar failed miserably.

      As the protests took place on Republic Day, the scenes were terrifying. Now it seems like that the situation has raised above the level of who is right wrong. The government and the Supreme Court are presently not able to handle the situation. Along with this, many political parties are also adding fuel to the flame.

      Now what options does the government have?

      The government is ready to make all possible changes in the three bills, but the farmer is not ready for any other option other than repealing the bills, so now only two ways are left with the government.

      First, either Amit Shah, the Home Minister can take strong actions against the protesters. This may include arresting thousands of people in jail, using large numbers of police and paramilitary forces to drive out protesters, etc. However, this can lead to prolonged protests. It was also seen earlier that the Income Tax Department had raided several bases of Arthiyas in the month of December 2020. However, it did not have the opposite effect on the protesters.

      The above actions can create a negative image of the government in the country and abroad, and of course the government will be well aware of this. Anyway, Pakistan and other countries are spreading hatred against India by raising demonstrations of the Red Fort.

      Vote bank may be effected.

      Apart from this, BJP's vote bank may also be in danger. The politics that the BJP has done keeping the Hinduism ideology from the beginning may have had little impact. But the protest of farmers and protesters against the policies of the government can have a negative impact on the people. May it not be that the Modi government's appraisals of issues like the Surgical Strike, Article 370, Triple Talaq Act, etc. be snuffed out due to agricultural bills. Anyway, during the Corona period the economy of the country has become very extreme and the anger of the poor on the government may increase due to this reason. And the people of the country are sensitive in the name of farmers.

      All three bill may be repealed.

      Another option that still exists with the government, and which can lead to protests, is the cancellation or withdrawal of all three bills. If the Indian government accepts the proposal to withdraw all three agricultural bills, then everything can be fine in terms of performance. This will be the victory of the protesting farmers and they can pursue their work according to the old agricultural laws.

         Mamta Banarjee angry over “Jai Shree Ram” slogan in front of PM Modi.

      May trouble government in elections.

      However, the government has not yet given any indication related to the withdrawal of the bills. But the government is under a lot of pressure. West Bengal elections are due in late March and next year elections are also in Punjab. At the same time, the Shiromani Akali Dal, a long-time ally of the BJP in Punjab, has also left him, under which Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur resigned as a minister. In such a situation, the BJP has nothing to gain in Punjab.     

      May badly affect the image of the government.

      Apart from this, if the government withdraws all the three agricultural bills then it can also prove to be worst for the government. This would make the government feel defeated in front of the protesters and it would be extremely negative for them. This will always fear the government in the coming years before enacting any bill or legislation that may lead to big demonstrations by taking the example of agricultural bills protests.

      In the 90s, when the OBC reservation was introduced, there were also nationwide agitations, demonstrations and riots. They lasted for over a year. Similarly, perhaps the government may be of the view that they know that the protests can go on and they should be ready for this. Perhaps these bills were brought under the same idea in the middle of the pandemic period.

      Now it has to be seen that the government can either handle the protests for a long time or it will go with the last option to withdraw the bills. It will also be interesting to see if the government will be able to find a third way out as the protesting farmers are not able to see any other option, easing the difficulties of the government.

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