Is the World heading towards World War III? How far can tensions between US & China can go ? A big analysis.

      At the moment it seems that the crisis of the third world war has deepened in the world along with the corona virus. And of course, China should be accused of starting it. But instead of admitting its mistake and helping the world, why is China showing aggression to the world? What does China want to achieve with such antics, so let's evaluate this question with full arguments.     

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China has spread the corona virus all over the world, now there should be no doubt about this, except for the hatred spread by communists in India and other countries. Nevertheless, some countries like Nepal, which had not yet some special cases of corona, are now gradually growing there. But their Prime Minister Mr. Kharag Prasad Sharma Oli, who belongs to the communist party of Nepal, has started to enmity with his natural friend India by coming under the influence of China. Earlier, a very large area of ​​Uttarakhand state of India was officially included in the map of their country and now the virus of China is being addressed as India's virus. India has given a reasonable answer to this Nepal action and has also stopped buying palm oil to be purchased from Nepal. This has caused a huge setback to a $ 400 million small economy like Nepal. With this, the Government of Nepal has put the work of more than one million Nepalese working in India at risk and if this conflict increases between the two countries the same way, then it will prove bad for the common people of Nepal.

      At the same time, China seems to threaten & direct combat with those countries whose military powers are very strong. In recent days, China tried to take over the islands of Japan and now it looks more aggressive than ever in the South China Sea. Other countries that dominate the South China Sea and assert their rights, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc., have also directly threatened war. But in the midst of all this, when America has started sending its warships and fighters in that sea, China has been badly shocked by this. China has also started deploying more of its war ships. The United States is openly sending its warships into that ocean, constantly increasing the pressure on China not to consider the small countries of Asia alone. Now America will continue to offer hostility to China and it will only increase with time.

      Apart from this, China is also putting various types of pressure on the countries of Europe, so that they cannot resist it. Somewhere it is misusing business relations and somewhere it has good political relations as is happening in Nepal at the moment. But at the same time, Australia did not come under any pretext of China nor was it scared of China starting a trade war. Australia has also sent its warships with American Navy to the South China Sea. Australia itself demanded a stringent investigation into the World Health Organization (WHO) accusing China of spreading the corona virus against China, and India later agreed to the same investigation. India itself persuaded many big countries to stand in support of Australia's proposal. Even Russia, which had announced its support to China, was also forced by Indian diplomacy to go against China. While America has come out against China openly, on the other hand, India is stepping slowly but steadily into such a difficult time.

      But till now India was not officially opposing China and India was not in any mood to do so. But first in Sikkim and now in Ladakh regions, China unnecessarily provoked India by taking military actions. After this, Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari also started protesting against China by making the statement that the corona virus does not appear to be a natural virus, and it seems that it must have been made in the lab. After this, on 20.05.2020, two MPs of Modi government Meenakshi Lekhi and Sh. Rahul Kaswan at the swearing-in ceremony of President Tsai Ing-Wen elected for the second term in Taiwan.

      They joined the ceremony online and were also sent congratulatory messages, which China protested. Keep in mind that China is as sensitive to Taiwan as India is to Kashmir. Till now no country considered Taiwan as a country and Taiwan is not included in the United Nations as a member, because till now all countries followed the One China policy. But now the US has made up its mind to include Taiwan as a member of the World Health Organization and later the United Nations by enacting a law called Taipei Act (Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative Act) in its country. At the same time, the Trump administration is also preparing to give a big setback to the chinese business of big companies like Huawei, Alibaba etc. They have decided not to provide technical assistance and hardware to Chinese companies and at the same time, it has been decided to unlist them from the stock market of US. Many experts believe that this can cause great harm to US, although the US will bear this loss, but China cannot withstand such conditions for long.

      Now let's go over that basic question because of which US, Australia, Japan and some other countries are increasing the risk of world war by threatening war with China. Actually no country wants the next world war, be it US or China. Because it will only bring destruction in the world and nothing else. But the experts who strategize for China are preparing only for the destruction of China. Because if this war will happen only between the US and China, then China will not stay even for two days in front of the US Army and their destructive weapons. And at this time, there is no country standing with China other. Because war is not fought only with stored weapons, but it requires a lot of components, oil, food for the people and the army, and a lot of money to supply all these. With this, the US Army is one of the chosen armies, which has always been at war. Since the war in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc., it has constant experience of war in countries. US can also easily provide the necessary material to his country. A one-time direct war leaves any country behind at least 30 years financially. Also, Chinese weapons are not so effective that they can stand in front of America. Only Russia can face them. But at the moment, they are too financially broken. The US embargo, then the oil war with the Saudis and now the Corona, all these things have caused them great harm and they can never afford the threat of direct war with US. Even if war comes, it may happen that Russia refuses to support China at the last moment. Also China is surrounded by its enemies from all around, or rather it is said that it has made its enemies itself. Countries like India, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., if they had to side with someone, they would support the US and not China. And China already knows this bitter truth. But they are sometimes trying to intimidate India by Pakistan or Nepal because they do not want any company from China to come to India. They want to show companies that India is surrounded by war conditions from Nepal, sometimes Pakistan or China at some time by creating an atmosphere of war in the region of Asia and at any time it is not appropriate to invest money due to war. For this reason India does not respond with much aggression, but it also keeps on telling China that India is not afraid of war. Now America has also openly spoken of supporting India and Russia is already a friend of India.

      Another big news has come out that Australia has find its ways for the trade war that China started with Australia. The Australian newspaper has revealed that on 04 June 2020, the two countries will meet at the online summit to promote mutual trade and cooperation with each other. Emphasis will be given on increasing transactions of medical equipment, minerals, technology etc. The two countries will also enter into new defense agreements, in which both countries will use each other's military bases and will also focus on other projects. In addition to this, now students from India will be assisted in place of Chinese students. Also, the United Kingdom has set a target of zeroing trade with China by 2023. If you have noticed the news that a very big German shoe company, Won Vellex, has planned to take all its business from China and set up in Agra city of India. Along with this, Germany's leading newspaper Deutsche Welle has also welcomed India's Covid 19 relief package worth Rupees 20 lakh crores.

      In addition to that, China's self-destruct policy has come to light when it imposed new laws on Hong Kong. With this, the demand for independence in Hong Kong has intensified and there was a scuffle in their house. Thousands of people took to the streets and started agitating despite the outbreak of corona virus.

      Thus, it is proved that the world war does not start like that and for this factions of many countries have to be divided. But at this time, there is no country standing with China because all are presently engulfed in their own country with many problems. However, there is also no denying that what kind of equations will be there when the demon named corona is destroyed and the world will water itself once again. But for the time being, creating an atmosphere of world war is only a plan like America's Cold War, so that China can be completely entangled in it and it loses its remaining share of honor as well by making a big mistake. Although China has not aimed for any economic growth for its country for the first time and has increased its defense budget by 3 times, it has also been done for fear of avoiding the US attack. The way China is constantly dealing with countries like India, sometimes Japan and sometimes Vietnam; it proves that its military strategy is in the hands of a lunatic. At a time, when the whole world is abusing China, China is looking for increase in conflicts. Well, this is the same situation as the Cold War, when US scared Russia so much for war that Russia made all its preparations but ruined its country's economy and Russia broke into many pieces.

      For these reasons, India should continue to give aggressive respond to China's military and economic fronts and continuously try to make programs like Make in India and Self-Reliant India Campaign a massive success.

Article by SS Raw

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