Israel should migrate to Antarctica or Mars – if Penguins or Aliens allow them.

      Yes, this is right. Jewish should migrate to Antarctica or Mars because they don’t have the right to live with the so called ‘civilized’ world. This was ridiculous that they are still living on our beloved (enslaved) mother earth after the holiest event of mankind ‘the Holocaust’. Hitler was so kind with the rest of the world that he decided to free the planet from the cruel and dreaded religion. But, alas! He miserably failed to do so and allied forces created that Israel.

         Beware US – China is creating the new world order.

      Just say that word ‘Israel’. Does not it sound like ‘is real?’ or ‘a fake’?. Oh Yes! And the mighty Arabs smell that creation which is like ‘a tiny island in the ocean’ and decided to correct the mistakes of the allied forces. Around 7 countries jointly attacked the Israel but sadly they all were all failed to conquer and lost the war. I don’t know why the mighty God was on the wrong side. I mean look at the scenario. 7 well established countries attacked a newly formed country from all the corners and yet they lost it. It was clear that the God was on the wrong side on that day. Because nobody else has the right to live on Arab land peacefully, except the Arabs themselves.

      Well, let me tell you that those 7 countries were Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebnon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Please ignore that how most of these countries are struggling now. Well, leave this topic as prosperity and democracy is not so important.

      So, after the first war the Arab – Israel clashes became very common and many a times they were again converted into full scale wars. Unfortunately, Israel was focusing on pity things like education, science, development, advancement etc; the Arabs were helping Palestinians by providing them guns.

      Well, I was thinking that if the theory of regaining the entire land after partition is so important for peace and prosperity, Arabs and Palestine should first help India to regain the entire Pakistan and Bangladesh. They all should attack Pakistan atleast and then after conquering it, India will surely help them to eradicate Israel.

      But but but… here is the catch. Only Muslim lives matter. Or the lives of people living in Islamic counties matters because these days, Turkey is also trying to overpower Saudis. But I don’t know why nobody is attacking US as they have totally destroyed the whole Iraq or Afghanistan. Or they should confront china for torturing & killing of Uyghur muslims in Xinjiang region (if we ignore count humans of Tibet and Hong Kong). No social, personal or economical freedom is prevailing there. I am bit confused.

      Oh! I got it. Only Palestine lives matter. That too only when they have a fear from Jewish people. Because according to some of the insane people around the world- Hamas, Hizbullah etc are doing a noble cause for Palestine by not letting the education and development flourish. I agree that fighting against the poverty, illness, illiteracy, terrorism etc are secondary and whosoever is doing this is following the Zionist ideology.

      Jewish have just contributed the world in the field of Science and education.  Almost all of the Jewish people are literate today. But does it matter? The answer is no. Civilized people don’t do that. It does not matter that at least 20% of Nobel laureates are Jewish. What matters is regaining the piece of land which was lost by their own mistakes and by imposing egoistic wars on regular periods. What matters is forcing people to live in 18th century mindset. What matters is fighting for the piece of land and not for the peace of mind.

      I don’t know why it is hard to understand that 57 Muslim countries are not safe by one small Zionist country.

      The biggest problem there is that Israel is fighting for its existence. Survival. They cannot… I repeat - they cannot lose any war.

      So Hamas, Palestine or whosoever is the leader here should not change the strategy and should not provide good education, good medical facilities, better infrastructure and economical conditions for growth to their people.

      Till then, all the Jewish should leave the mainland earth and settle their families in Antarctica (obviously after taking proper permissions from penguins living there). Otherwise they will develop Antarctica at no time and penguins may start a war against them.

      Or another brilliant idea would be shifting to Mars. But it requires, ISRO, NASA, Space X etc organizations. Once they shifted on Mars, they can develop Mars and then with the help of Hamas, we all humans should attack Israel by their traditional rockets or missiles.

      This will benefit in two ways. First is that very soon we will have a developed Mars at a very low cost and secondly we can keep on shifting them to the entire solar system so that they can make it liveable, same like they did in Palestinian land ‘Israel’.

      At the end, I just want to say that Israel should not retaliate on thousands of Hamas missile attacks as they were only attacking their own land. Stupid Iron Dome.

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