Should Nitin Gadkari be the next Health Minister to counter the third wave?


         Read this article in Hindi:- तीसरी लहर रोकने के लिए क्या नितिन गडकरी को स्वास्थ्य मंत्री बना देना चाहिए?

      The time has come that before the second wave of Chinese virus spread more and make the country's conditions worse, and the third wave also spoil the health of the country, Nitin Gadkari should handle the health ministry of the country.

      Nitin Gadkari is the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shipping, Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation of the country. In the Narendra Modi Cabinet 2019, he is a minister who has been doing his job well since 2014.

      His skillful working style is such that he has never seen him engulfed in any controversy. His ministry has built and continues to build the fastest highways in the world at 37 km per day, setting a world record. They have been continuously doing their work without any hindrance. He is the most successful minister in the Modi cabinet.

      But he has not obtained an engineering degree to achieve his achievements. His job is to deliver the best results with the full capabilities of his ministry. This is what our constitution says and that is why no educational qualification has been sought for becoming a leader or a minister.

      Now if we talk about the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, then he has become the most important person in the era of this Chinese virus. Every decision taken by him or his ministry directly affects every person in the country. Apart from this, he is also responsible for the economy of the country in the times of pandemics.

      But regrettably, the role of the Ministry of Health in both waves of the pandemic has not been felt satisfactory to the countrymen. The second wave of Chinese virus has devastated the country. At such a time, Dr. Harshvardhan should have seen us everywhere. In constant talks with the vaccine manufacturers, meeting the pharmaceutical companies, directing the hospitals daily and keeping a close watch on them, keeping constant contact with the states and assessing the health problems and giving solutions, even to the public at a difficult time Taking opinion and giving their opinion, taking strict action on the black marketing of essential medicines, tying the public up, etc.

And why not, after all he is our Health Minister. But sadly, we may not have even heard his voice. No one has ever heard the voice that should have reached the common citizen of the country. Even the public knows the foreign minister more intimately.

      MBBS is not necessary to be the Health Minister. The job of a minister is to ensure managerial and administrative facilities. The rest of the work is done by other degree-holding officers in the ministry.

      Of course, he would be a great minister, but he has not been successful in gaining public confidence. Neither because of the association with the public nor because of health systems. And at this time the country needs both of them the most.

      In most places, we see directly the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi taking the front. He reviews health arrangements with the Chief Ministers of all the states every few weeks. They also look at the availability of the vaccines. They meet directly with Adar Poonawala. He also appeals to the people. He is the one who thanks the health & security staff regularly. It seems that every front is left to the Prime Minister.

      However, it is not the case that the Prime Minister does not monitor the affairs of any other ministry. They also see the problems related to the security of the country, they also seem to work on foreign policies. They are also the center of the party in elections. They are also ready for review and responsibility of the programs of the Ministry of Home Affairs. But in all these works, he seems to be playing the role of only a reviewer, whereas in health related works he is working as the health minister.

      For example, when a situation of confrontation arose in the Galwan Valley and other areas from China last year, the Indian Defense Minister immediately went to Russia to ensure the delivery of the S 400. Similarly in 2019, the removal of Sections 370, 35A etc., making Kashmir a Union Territory, separation of Ladakh, bringing citizenship law, etc. were under the Ministry of Home Affairs and our Home Minister Amit Shah was quite busy in explaining each of a bit of his decisions.

      Now that second term of Prime Minister has passed for 2 years in May 2021, it is also the right time to make some necessary changes in his cabinet. In such a situation, in the era of this pandemic, Nitin Gadkari is the most suitable minister who can handle the health of the country. At this time, more important than making roads is to deal with the Chinese virus, for which he is the most capable person in cabinet. Otherwise the roads he has built so far will remain deserted. Apart from this, the burden of the Prime Minister's Office will also be greatly reduced by this decision.

      The special thing about Gadkari is that he believes in deadlines. His management looks more prominent than everyone else and he do his work in front of everyone with full enthusiasm and confidence. For this reason, he is the most respected person in the opposition camp as well.

      Early in the month of May 2021, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Subrahmanyam Swamy has also advocated handing over the charge of Health Minister to Gadkari in place of Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Now when the same thing is arising from inside the BJP, it would be good that necessary reshuffle should be done in the cabinet, so that the country can get rid of this virus and get back on track.

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