There will be a boost in Indian economy under Joe Biden’s Presidency.

            इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़े:- जो बाएडन के आने से होगी भारत की अर्थव्यवस्था मजबूत।

      There has been speculation that Joe Baiden's victory will not be good for India after the presidential election in the United States in November 2020, which Baiden won. The reason for this was that Baiden does not take a strict stance on China like Donald Trump. They also want to end the trade war of America and China and will also soften military strictures on China.

      What are the questions?

      Then the question arises as to what is likely to happen during Baiden's tenure, which will prove more useful for India than Trump. There is also the question of some people that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is more supportive of the Trump administration because in the last one year Modi participated in the Howdy Modi event in support of Trump and in the same way Trump has organized the Namaste Trump event in India.

      Country First.

      Let us first find the answer to the second question. So the thing is that Modi rallied in support of Trump because Trump was the President of America at that time. If the Prime Minister of India had not been Narendra Modi but Dr. Manmohan Singh, the same thing would have happened. The relations between the heads of the two countries are not personal but are made keeping in mind the interests of their countries. When Baiden won, Modi congratulated him on winning and hoped for a good relationship between the two countries during his tenure.

      There are enemies dangerous than China - Pakistan.

      Now let’s come to the first question. Actually only China - Pakistan is not the enemy of India. Rising inflation, unemployment, falling economy, etc. are the bigger enemies. If we solve these problems in India, then our ability to fight against China will increase in ourselves and we will not have to expect help from US.

      The world economy will not run without a vaccine.

      The Indian economy has picked up in the second and third quarter as compared to the first quarter of FY 2020-21. People are returning to work, traffic is moving, crowds are gathering in the markets. But until the permanent corona vaccine is introduced, the wheel of the economy will not run at full speed. In this episode, the good news has started coming from many countries that soon the vaccine will be given to the common people.

      In the next few months, as people start getting corona vaccines, the economy in their countries will continue to rise with determination. Demand in the markets will increase, factories will again run over time and fuel will be needed to run them. Now at such a time, by importing crude oil at low prices and by purchasing crude oil at the time of lockdown, the foreign exchange reserves had to be spent in large amounts. Because the work will increase, the demand for oil will also increase and along with the demand, the oil prices too, which will need foreign exchange reserves to buy.

      It is worth noting that in the lockdown, crude oil was priced at $ 30-35 per barrel, which India had saved by saving Rs 5000 crore. Going forward, the price of oil can be more than $ 80 per barrel.

      Iran and Venezuela may be the new oil exporters for India.

      Under Baiden, the US administration may not take a firm stand on China, but there may be a drastic reduction in sanctions on countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For this reason, India will be able to buy huge quantities of crude oil from these two countries and will be able to run their factories on cheap fuel.

      In recent days, India's Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had said openly that we are soon going to buy oil from both Iran and Venezuela. This is because both these countries sell oil to India at very low prices and India is the only country which spends 4 percent of its GDP in buying fuel, which makes a huge difference compared to the rest of the countries.

      If this happens, India will save a huge amount of money and the cost of goods will also come down due to less expenditure in transportation of goods. Apart from this, Iran is also ready to send oil to India and spend on tankers. At the same time, Iran also gives India the convenience of paying it later rather than paying oil immediately.

      The role of Chabahar Port will also be important.

      Apart from this, if India-Iran business relations are good, then India can also start work at Chahbahar port in Iran. From this port, India wants to extend its trade to Central Asia. This will also put a crack in the growing relationship between Iran and China, because if we buy oil from Iran in large quantities, we will also ensure that countries like China do not turn Iran against India.

      Apart from this, India did not have any trade agreements with the Trump administration. With Baiden, it is expected that the two countries will take their business to new heights. At the same time Baiden is also pressurising Turkey and he absolutely dislike the policies of Turk President Rajab Tayyib Ardogan. Due to this, the global pressure that Turkey is trying to create on India can be seen to be drastic. Baiden's stance on Russia is also very strict, which may bring loosening in the growing alliance between China and Russia.

      Nevertheless, US will pressurize India on domestic policies.

      But this also does not mean that Baiden's policies will be completely softened for India. There is every possibility that India will be criticized by the US on the issue of the removal of Article 370, the new citizenship law and many religious issues, as we did not see in the time of Donald Trump.

      But it is not that this will change India's domestic policies. Of course this will put the Indian government under global pressure and it will be interesting to see how the Home Minister Amit Shah clears the important bill like National Register of Citizenship under this pressure.

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