WHO said - no matter virus changes, the vaccine will be updated in 6 weeks.

            इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़े:- WHO ने कहा- वायरस कितना भी बदले, 6 हफ्तों में अपडेट होगी वैक्सीन।

      The Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, says that there is absolutely no need to panic with the new strain of the chinese virus found in Britain. He further said that the new form of vaccine virus that is being made worldwide, including India, is as effective as it was in the initial phase. The change in chinese virus so far has been modest in nine to ten months. Before making any vaccine, it is already anticipated that the virus will change its appearance with potential changes.

      According to the experts, vaccines are being made from different components worldwide. The vaccines made in India are protein based. Even if it is assumed that the nature of the virus has changed to a great extent, there is nothing like panic. This is being said because the protein-based vaccine will automatically be updated in 4 to 6 weeks. However, it is also an assessment that it may never be needed.

      New strains are increasing patients, not deaths.

         How many strains are there in India, how much difference is there?

            According to the former scientist of Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Prof. Raman Gangakhedkar, genome sequencing has not been much in India. With this, it is clear that how much and how the virus trend changes. Sequencing so far has revealed that the earliest virus form in India was in same as Wuhan city of China. Then came the forms of Italy and other European countries. The forms of Africa and America have also come up in different states of the country. But none of the forms have been seen so far, which has changed much in its original nature.

      The strain found in the UK spreads 70% faster, what would be the impact if it arrived in India?
      There will be no significant impact. There are already dozens of different formats. There has been a study in Europe on the new form that it is only spreading rapidly, deaths do not happen much. For example, after the mutation in Britain, the number of daily patients increased from 14 thousand to 29 thousand, while daily deaths were 400 to 500. That is, patients grew more than 100%, while deaths increased by 25%.

      More than 30 people who came to India from Britain in three days have been found infected. How many of these are infected from new strain?

      No one in the Union Health Ministry is willing to comment on this matter. Although reports of genome sequencing arrive within 36 hours, reports of infected patients from the UK have not been reported even after three days.

      So the new strain will also change its form?

      Absolutely. However, this will not necessarily be more frightening. This is because most viruses become more vulnerable after transformation. It may also become ineffective over time.

      Can strain of virus reduce vaccine effects?

      Dr. Sanjay Roy of Community Medicine, who is responsible for the clinical trial of the vaccine being prepared by the biotech company in India, said that the virus always changes. But it does not change its basic tendency. Therefore, all the vaccines that have come out so far will prove effective. The vaccines that Bharat Biotech and other companies have developed have been prepared keeping in mind the changes in the virus. Almost all the vaccines being prepared have a variety of proteins. It is possible that some proteins will neutralize the new form, but others will continue to do their work. Some vaccine proteins in the world are made up of some nucleic acids or spike proteins.

      So can it be assumed that there is needless panic around the world about the new strain?

      All the countries are asking their citizens to be more vigilant. Which is also right, because the new strain of virus has spread very fast. That means, atleast it is infecting people. Therefore there is panic. Virologist Prof. Shaheed Jamil told that It is also important to understand that the new strain of virus is not much different from the original virus. It can be eradicated from the vaccines that have been made in recent times.

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