Why India buys Mig 29 despite poor quality?

            इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़े: खराब गुणवत्ता के बावजूद भारत क्यों मिग 29 खरीदता है?

      On the evening of Thursday, 26 November 2020, a Mig 29K fighter aircraft of the Indian Navy fell victim to the accident. One pilot has been rescued in this accident but despite 2 days of search, the second pilot is missing. The accident took place in the Arabian Sea, in which the missing pilot is named Commander Nishant Singh.

      This aircraft left from INS Vikramaditya (INS Vikramaditya) and Commander Nishant Singh was in it as a trainer. His search is still on, but nothing related to them has been discovered.

      CAG questioned the MIG many times.

      This is not the first MIG-29 series aircraft to have crashed like this. Earlier too, many times these aircraft have deteriorated after flying due to technical flaws and many pilots of the country have become victims of this. Earlier in 2016 and 2018, the Central Audit General (CAG) has also questioned the technical reliability of these aircraft. But still the Government of India is repeatedly buying MIG-29 aircraft. CAG even mentioned that there are too many problems with this aircraft to resolve. There is a problem with everything from its engine to the smallest thing that is required to fly an aircraft.

      It was also mentioned in the reports that despite so many problems, Government is buying them again and again and there is an issue with Russia about their servicing, which we do not get on time.

      Many more MIGs yet to purchase.

      Earlier this year in June 2020, when India's confrontation with China was at its peak, the Modi government had announced that we would buy 39,000 crore Sukhoi and MIG-29 aircraft from Russia. This decision of the government was quite surprising as questions have always been raised about the capability of Russian aircraft, especially the MIG series.

      How many MIG aircrafts are yet available with India?

      We have had many aircraft of the MIG series for a long time. MIG 21 aircraft which have been in India since the 60s are also called Flying Coffin because many of our pilots have died by riding in it. Today's MIG-29 aircraft have been in our Air Force for more than 30 years. Currently, they have a total strength of 65 in the Air Force and 21 similar aircraft are to be imported. Apart from this, it also has a form for the Navy, named MIG-29K, which has a total number of 36 and was purchased in 2004 and 2010 under the Dr.  Manmohan Singh government.

      Old stories of MIG crash.

      Earlier this year, a MIG-29 aircraft crashed near Goa, although the pilot was survived. Going back a little, in the month of November, 2019, a MIG-29 aircraft also crashed in Goa. The cause of this crash was the failure of both engines. It is a matter of thinking that the world has advanced so much in terms of technology, but even then both the engines of a fighter aircraft get spoiled during flight simultaneously. In the same way, a similar incident occurred in 2018. Ever since the so called fighter jets are in the army, every year some aircraft is crashing and at the same time we have to lose our pilots.

      A film has also been made in India regarding this serious subject. The issue of frequent crashes of Mig 21 aircraft was also raised in Aamir Khan's film Rang De Basanti.

      Even Russians are also suffering.

      It is not that Russia has given poor quality aircrafts to India. They themselves are falling victim to similar accidents. The biggest drawback of these aircrafts is that they are designed in the 80s, which is nowhere in front of the modern-day aircrafts. But the question arises why despite all this, we are buying them.

      Why India is still buying MIGs?

      The sad answer to this question is the cheap price of these aircraft. Even if a MIG ship is equipped with many features, it will be 3 times cheaper than a Rafale fighter jet. But it is not that we are making a very profitable deal by taking cheaper aircrafts. The age of every part from its engine will be lesser than Rafael and service will also have to be compromised. While there has been talk with Dassault company which makes Rafale, they will not compromise on its servicing.

      A MIG 29 aircraft costs around $15 million, while the F18 Super Hornet in the United States costs $66 million. Similarly, there are prices of other aircraft which are skyrocketing. But the question now is that if we want the safety of our pilots, long tenure of aircraft, good and reliable combat capability and timely servicing, then we have to give up the temptation of MIG aircraft. Otherwise, even the brave pilots of the country will keep going in the face of death and the security of the country will also be questioned.

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